Private Israel Tours for your Journey of a Lifetime

Private Israel Tours

Do you dream of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel and the Holy Land?  Is your leisure time at a premium, with work and family responsibilities your primary concerns? Look no more: our Private Israel Tours with Personalized Itineraries are for busy people – like you – who want to realize their dream of a safe, memorable trip of a lifetime to Israel and the Holy Land. Luxury TripsChoose accommodations from Israel’s top boutique hotels, grand hotels and kibbutz country lodging.


What 's Your Travel Style?

Low Gear: We drive
Escorted private guided tour: no worries, sit back and leave the driving to your guide. Custom itinerary. Reserved lodgings for you and your guide.
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Wood boat, Sea of Galilee, Israel

Wood boat on Sea of Galilee

High Gear: You drive 
Self-drive tour with local guides: Follow your daily travel plan and meet your site experts at key places along the way. Arrive at your reserved lodgings as the sun sets. Read more here.
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Western (Wailing) Wall, Jerusalem

Western (Wailing) Wall, Jerusalem

The ONLY agency to offer either Fully Escorted Private Tour OR Self-Drive Tour with site experts: your choice.

Whichever type tour you choose, you are sure to experience the energy and spirituality of this modern ancient land with a feeling of safety and assurance. Recommended in Frommer’s Jerusalem Day by Day and Fodor’s Israel 2011. Meet our clients to hear about their journey of a lifetime.

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